Dr. Pandian Chelliah


Dr. Pandian Chelliah , Post-Doctorate Fellow

2011- present : Post-Doc Research Fellow in Materials Science and Engineering, Sabanci University



Education PhD in Physics at Indra Gandhi Center for Atomic Research , India,2011  
MSc in Physics at Madras Christian College, India, 2004 

BSc  in Physics at Madras Christian College, India, 2002
Publications & Proceedings

Publications of Dr. Chelliah during his Post-Doc period is given below;

Fazli Fatih Melemez, Casey Keulen, Talha Boz, Pandian Chelliah, Mehmet Yildiz, Yusuf Ziya Menceloglu, "Electrospray Assisted Resin Transfer Molding to Incorporate Nano Phase Structures into Fiber Reinforced Composites", International Congress on Natural Sciences and Engineering, 08-10 January,2013, Taipei-Taiwan

C.J.Keulen, F.F.Melemez, T.Boz, P.Chelliah, H. S.Turkmen,M.Yildiz,A.Suleman , “Prediction of fatigue response of composite structures by monitoring the strain energy release rate with embedded fiber Bragg gratings”, Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures, under review, 2012.

Casey Keulen, Pandian Chelliah, Talha Boz, Fazli Fatih Melemez,  Gokhan Bektas,  Ataman Deniz, Mehmet Yildiz,  Afzal Suleman,  Cem Ozturk.  “Strain temperature separation in FBG using spectral subtraction”, The Imaging and Applied Optics Congress, 24-28 June 2012  Monterey, California, USA.

"Study of Local and Transient Buckling in Glass fiber Reinforced Composite Using Fiber Bragg Grating" Fazli Fatih Melemez, Talha Boz, Pandian Chelliah, Gokhan Bektas, Mehmet Yildiz, Cem Ozturk and Yusuf Menceloglu  The International Conference on Materials and Applications for Sensors and Transducers, May 24-28, 2012, Budapest, Hungary (under review , Key Engineering Materials).

"Damage detection in composite plates using fiber Bragg gratings"   Talha Boz, Pandian Chelliah, Gokhan Bektas, Fazli Fatih Melemez,   Mehmet Yildiz, Cem Ozturk   15th European Conference on Composite Materials ECCM 15, June 24-28, 2012 Venice, Italy.

"Study Of Keystroke Dynamics For understanding Human Emotional State Using Fiber Bragg Grating", Pandian Chelliah, Ataman Deniz, Mehmet Yildiz  International Conference on Specialty Glass and Optical Fiber: Materials, Technology and Devices (ICGF-2011) India, Aug 4-5 2011

Fatigue monitoring of glass fiber reinforced composite using fiber Bragg grating Fazli Fatih Melemez, Talha Boz, Pandian Chelliah, Mehmet Yildiz 14th International conference on advances in materials and processing technologies, Istanbul, Turkey 13-16th July 2011.

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Dr. Chelliah is also published an article in Global Optics during his Post-Doc period,

Fiber Optics in India: A Nomad’s Journey


Research Areas Fiber optic sensors - development and applications, Process and structural health monitoring - test loops of reactors, composite manufacturing, Signal processing, Affective computing - keystroke analysis