Kaan Bilge



Kaan Bilge, PhD Candidate

2012 - present : PhD student, Materials Science and Engineering, Sabanci University

Curriculum Vitae 


Education MSc in Materials Science and Engineering at Sabanci University, Turkey, 2012
BSc  in Materials Science and Engineering at Sabanci University,Turkey, 2010
PhD Thesis

Multi-Scale Modelling of Composite Materials

Science and engineering of fiber reinforced advanced composite materials (FRC) is an actively broadening research field with more and more emphasis on their multi-phase and multi-scale characteristics. While emerging manufacturing and characterization techniques provide ability to manipulate the materials at all scales from traditional macro to relatively recent emergence of nano-scale, computational tools provide better understanding of behavior of composite materials. Collective and coherent use of these abilities and tools can make composites better. This thesis is an effort to investigate the relations between the composite material behaviours at different length scales an to come up with efficient models linking each length scale to predict the overall material behaviour.  More precisely, micromechanical RVEs created for several systems will be solved systematically by homogenization and finite elements methods for effective property predictions. These effective properties will be used in the prediction of macro-level behaviour. All of the results will be corrected by experimental results


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Research Areas Micromechanics of failure, Multi-scale finite elements modeling, Nano interlayers for delamination resistance, Structural Optimization, Design of Experiments, Manufacturing and testing of composites.