Esat Selim Kocaman


Esat Selim Kocaman

2012-present    : MSc Student, Materials Science and Engineering, Sabanci University

Curriculum Vitae

Education BSc in Materials Science and Engineering, Sabanci University, Turkey, 2012
BSc in Physics (Minor), Sabanci University, Turkey,2012
MSc Thesis

Structural Analysis of Composite Boats Using FBG Fiber Optic Sensors

In this project, we are going to integrate FBG fiber optic sensors to the strategic parts of the composite boats to monitor the stress-strain exposure when the boat is operated in real life conditions. Wavelength information coming from the optical sensors is going to be used to calculate the system properties. Boat structure will be analyzed according to the gathered data from the sensors for the modification in the boat design. Different composite components are going to be produced using mainly glass fibers and epoxy resin and also carbon fibers. Components will be subjected to mechanical tests and fatigue monitoring and useful life prediction will be performed according to the experimental data and mathematical models.



Research Areas Composite materials, fiber Bragg grating sensors, Fatigue modelling and mechanical characterization of composites, structural health monitoring, finite element analysis driven optimization of engineering structures.