Ece Belen



Ece Belen

2012-present    : MSc Student, Materials Science and Engineering, Sabanci University

Curriculum Vitae

Education BSc in Textile Engineering, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey, 2012
BSc in Chemical Engineering, Istanbul Technical University,Turkey,2012
MSc Thesis

Development of Fiber-Reinforced-Polymeric Composites Strengthened with Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes

Fiber-reinforced polymeric composites that are a combination of high strength micron-sized fibers and a polymeric material and that possess unique properties of both components are great engineering materials, which are utilized in a wide variety of application areas including aerospace, transportation, construction, and marine goods. This research project focuses on the development of advanced fiber-reinforced polymeric composites containing chemically functionalized carbon nanotubes. For this purpose, interfacial interactions between polymer and fiber that have an important role in fiber-reinforced polymeric composite structures will be tailored with chemically functionalized carbon nanotubes by using novel methods for the improvement of the mechanical performance of these composite materials.


Research Areas Carbon nanotubes and polymer matrix composite applications, nanocomposites