Cağatay Yılmaz


Çağatay Yılmaz

 2011-present    : MSc Student, Materials Science and Engineering, Sabanci University

Curriculum Vitae

Education BSc in Physics at Yıldız Technical University, Turkey, 2011
MSc Thesis

Self Healing Epoxy

Microcraks, fatigue, corrosion, transverse cracking, damaged matrix bonds make significant problems for polymer and composites. Especially some advanced industries like air-space, electronic, automobil which use advanced materials. Microcracks, delamination, transverse accumulation etc. are also very important problems for the glass fiber and carbon fiber composites structures.. Damaged parts in whole body decrease material features even in some aplications all structure can be damaged because of a small problem. Nowadays, damages are determined with some ways but the damaged part must be replaced with new one to fix problem. Determining a microcrack can  be hard process if it is deep in the material. Furthermore some long period applications do not give any chance to fix problem such as space travelling.

Biomimicry is a scientific method that use nature to solve a problem in industry. For example some fight helicopter was built by imitating dragonfly. Investigating nature by deeply we can adapt the self repairing process of living creatures to the man-made materials, since human skin, plant leaves, and some trees have potential to heal themselves. 

Incorporation of reactive liquid filled microcapsules to coating, thermoset and thermoplastic polymers can provide long lasting materials


Research Areas Self healing polymers and composites, renewable energy technologies,microspheres with liquid containg healing agent and their applications; synthesis of liquid containing droplet and evaluating their performance for different environmental conditions.