Aslıhan Örüm


Aslıhan Örüm

2011-present : MSc student, Materials Science and Engineering, Sabanci University

Curriculum Vitae

Education BSc in Materials Science and Engineering at Anadolu University, Turkey, 2011
BSc in Chemical Engineering at Anadolu University, Turkey, 2011
MSc Thesis

Determination of Parameters That Control The Shear Thickening of Polymeric Fluids Containing Nano Particles

Shear-thickening fluid (STF) is a novel colloidal dispersion whose viscosity can increase with increasing shear rate or applied stress. Under high shear rate, the viscosity of STF increases dramatically and the STF starts to behave as a solid-like colloid or material. The shear thickening phenomenon is fully reversible process, meaning that upon the removal of the external effects, namely the applied shear rate or stress, the STF returns back to its liquid-like natures instantly. Shear thickening is a non-Newtonian flow behavior often observed in concentrated colloidal suspensions. 

Control parameters of shear thickening behaviour is investigated  in order to understand the origin of the shear thickening behavior, increase the processing performance of polymeric nanocomposites and  design the optimized liquid armor system. Parameters that control sheaer thickening such as particle type, size, size distribution, shape, concentration, surface chemistry is being  studied. Computational study with CFD (computational flow dynamic) methods is being studied  to investigate the parameters effect shear thickening fluid during   pipe flow and compare this results with experimental study.



"A.Orum, Y.Z. Menceloglu, M. Yildiz, Effect of Surface Modification ın Nanosilica Particles on The Rheology of Shear Thickening Fluids", 16th International Congress on Rheology, 5-10 August Lisbon, Portugal, Poster presentation.
Research Areas Rheology of filled polymer systems; shear thickening fluids and their potential applications; nanocolloids; composite materials and their manufacturing methods.