Eren Şimşek, PhD Dr. Şimşek has graduated in 2012 and successfully pursues his carrer in AKSA Company. His interests cover superhydrophobic surfaces and their potential life science applications; synthesis of fluorinated polymers; electrospinning; synthesis and applications of antimicrobial materials.

Ayça Abakay, MSc Ayça has received her MSc in 2012. Her research in AC2PL majored on TiO2 Nanoparticles, Sol-Gel Process, Self Cleaning Surfaces, and Photocatalyts.
Burcu Özel, MSc Burcu has graduated in 2011 and continues her career in industry. Polymer‐nano‐particle interaction, rheology and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) applications take place between her research interests.
N.Gülsine Özdemir, Msc Gülsine earned her MSc degree in 2011 and started to work for ENPLAST. She studied with Prof. Yildiz as her thesis supervisor and her research areas were Flow,Cure and Health monitoring of glass fiber reinforced Smart Composites using etched fiber sensors and fiber bragg grating based sensors by VARTM method.
Talha Boz, MSc Talha earned his MSc degree from Mechatronics Engineering with his study titled 'Structural Health Monitoring of Composite Materials with FBG Sensors: Damage Detection and Remaining Useful Life Prediction'. Structural Health Monitoring, Fiber Optic Interrogation Systems and Fiber Optic Sensor applications are some of his broad research interests.
Erim Ulkumen, MSc

Erim completed his graduate studies in 2013, along with his thesis titled 'Nano-perlite as an Alternative Reinforcing Filler to Silica in PDMS Composites'. His research interests are PDMS composites and their industry applications, polymer-nano particle interaction, rheology, polymer synthesis, polymerization kinetics and formulation of performance chemicals.

He holds a BSc degree in Industrial & Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Elif Özden Yenigün

July 2012- February 2013  : Visiting Scientist in University of Cambridge, UK.

2008 - 2013 : PhD student, Materials Science and Engineering, Sabanci University

October 2013 - present : Faculty member at Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Textile Technologies and Design, Textile Engineering

Research Areas: Multi-scale Modelling of Nanocomposites (molecular dynamics, dissipative particle dynamics), Electrospun Surface Modified Nanofiber Reinforced Composites, Optimization of Electrospinning/ Electrospraying Process, Dispersion Enhancement studies of CNTs in polymer matrix via computational and experimental techniques, Nanofiber Production